Goethe's Theory of Color and Scientific Intuition

Author: Arthur G. Zojonc - Published At: May 18 2006 00:00 - (1564 Reads)

In this article, Arthur Zajonc, professor of physics at Amherst College looks at the difference of a quantitative or quantitative science. In doing so he relies heavily on Goethe's Theory of Colour as an example of what a qualitative science may look like. In doing so he characterizes Goethe's Theory into its different aspects to help the reader better understand how qualitative evaluation of a object me be applied in the sciences.

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Between Light and Eye

Author: Alex Kentsis - Published At: Nov 12 2005 07:30 - (1609 Reads)

Why did Goethe champion his Theory of Colours so ardently for years, even after it was largely dismissed by physicists? In answering this question, this essay will attempt to add to the existing scholarship by considering Goethe’s Theory of Colours in the context of his natural philosophy. In doing so it will generalize a variety of the concepts invoked by his colour theory and their relationships to Goethe’s epistemology and Newton’s mechanics. The essay shows that the reason for Goethe’s pride in his Theory of Colours is less perplexing than first appears from its examination solely as a work of physics.

Overall, a wonderful essay that draws upon many sources and builds a historical context that is of assistance to the reader in understanding the enigma mentioned above.

Between Light and Eye Image