Who Are We

Goethe Ninja John Penner

johnpenner Co-founder of theoryofcolor.org, and Goethean colour geek. John worked as a technical writer in the 3D graphics industry for many years. He also contributed electronic editions of Nikola Tesla's autobiography and Rudolf Steiner's epistemological works to the public domain.

Interested in electronics and consciousness at an early age, it was a long journey exploring the nature of music, mind, colour and epistemology. Practicing the synthesis of the technical and poetic — I was able to answer Turing's question of machine intelligence empirically — by entering the Chinese room, and giving birth to a chess program after the methods of Claude Shannon.

Studying at the same time Goethe's Theory of Colours — and working in computer graphics led me to believe that it is possible to create a 3D renderer which represents light, darkness and colour interactions in a Goethean manner. That just as the light and dark sides are played against each other in computing a chess move — so too can we do a recursive evaluation on discrete volumetric areas (voxels), and parse for light and dark contributions. Implementing such a volumetric Goethean renderer in C++ is a long-term goal.

More immediately, I am working together to complete the efforts of Goethe in ways that were not yet possible then. Just as Goethe self published the first 500 copies of his Farbenhehre, we continue this free contribution of the spirit in a common goal — providing materials for fundamental studies of natural science in the Goethean sense. There is still much work to be done — right now, completing the English Translation of Goethe's fundamental text.

Just as the light and dark gives rise to colour — so do the light and dark of life give rise to the interplay of our lives.

Goethe Ninja Brendan Ferguson

Image Co-founder of theoryofcolor.org, involved in: advertising, system admin, webdesign, articles section, content management implementation and testing, website framework, and almost all aspects of collaborative content.

I am dedicated to fostering understanding in a phenomenon driven understanding of clour. I bring to the table a background in PHP programming, MySQL, web design, enthusiasm for Goethe's scientific works, a shared vision with G.N.J.P. of the profound impact on society that such colour insight could bring to everyday life, both in the way we think about color; and in the esthetically superior way computer integration of color phenomenon could bring increased beauty to everyday living. Finally and most importantly, a drive to actualize this vision.