Theory of Color

Cover of original 1810 version of Theory of Colours.

Goethe's Theory of Colors

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Above is the 1840 English translation of Zur Farbenlehre by Goethe. To our knowledge it is the only digital formatted copy of the English translation available.

This is an on going work. If you would like to help with the editing, formatting, translation or other aspects of the work, drop us a line in the forum.

For over 200 years — Goethe's Farbenlehre remains incomplete for the English speaking world. Charles Eastlake's 1840 translation omitted Goethe's polemic section, which seeks by numerous experiments to illustrate the differences between Newton's mathematical approach and what may be revealed through direct perception about the nature of light and colour. Also omitted is a historical section.

Zur Farbenlehre

This original German copy boasts the best formatted version of the original German available. It includes linked references & table of contents, color enhanced graphics, and many other useful features.