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Formatting Enhancements in English and German

We need to format these books perfectly. If you can spare some time to help in proof reading the text and to make any formatting enhancements you can it would be greatly appreciated. To to so, you may want to take a look at how others have formatted the text. Here is a Zur Farbenlehre Formatted. Beware, although its the best German copy we know of, there is a page missing.

If interested, please post in the forum, or contact Brendan or John directly.

Help Translate Final Section into English

for over 200 years, the final section of Goethe's book Theory of Colours has not been translated. We are translating the final untranslated sections and updating the most recent translation (1910) of the book. We need people who are fluent in both German and English to help with the translation efforts.

If interested, please post in the form, or contact Brendan or John directly.

Photo and Video of Specific Color Phenomenon

Goethe mentions several hundred specific color phenomenon in his work Theory of Colours. He was able in include a few illustrations in his book to help depict these. We want to provide a gallery of photos and video to be associated with each phenomena listed. This is a great opportunity to help share with the world your own experimentation, or perhaps a good project for high school children. To create an experiment to demonstrate a specific phenomena. What ever the case might be, submissions of well photographed apparatus and color phenomenon is always welcome.

To do so, post your photos or video under the Color Phenomenon page. You will need to be logged in to do so.